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Do you have this problem?

 ✔︎ "How can an online salon be made?"

 ✔︎ “How can I earn money using SNS? > <”

 ✔︎ “Followers are not increasing> <”

 ✔︎ "LINE official account is too expensive"

 ✔︎ "I am troubled if the LINE official account is banned> <"


TOUKU solves all!

With TOUKU, anyone can easily create their own information distribution channel and community. You can quickly perform troublesome schedule distribution and follower management.


Advantages of TOUKU


Super easy to receive and deliver information!

One-way information distribution channel, Group for discussion with all members, 1: 1 DM Can be used properly depending on the purpose


No restrictions on any genre!

Without worrying about any genre
While maintaining excellent confidentiality
You can interact freely


Earn more and more by making money!

By spreading TOUKU
callers and followers
There are a wide range of monetization opportunities
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Things to Do in TOUKU

  • Channel billing

    You can easily charge followers monthly fees, VIP fees and more

  • Scenario delivery

    After joining each follower, you can distribute the content in sequence over each time.

  • Live distribution

    Easily broadcast live, publicly or only to followers

  • Throwing money

    You can get money from followers during live broadcasts, which can also be redeemed for cash

  • One-way delivery

    Instant delivery and reservation delivery can be done unilaterally to only followers

  • Email delivery

    Even for large volume distribution, it can be done efficiently by using e-mail magazine distribution together.

  • Community

    Everyone can speak and everyone can liven up the community

  • ASP function

    You can create an affiliate function to efficiently bring followers to influencers.

  • Affiliation function

    Follow Affiliates You can increase and benefit each other

  • AI automatic translation

    You can increase followers globally beyond your own language

  • Sending and receiving crypto currency

    No need for troublesome address entry You can send and receive crypto assets (virtual currency)

  • AI automatic response

    AI saves you a lot of time and effort, including answers to common questions


Feature comparison

Channel billingXXX
Scenario deliveryXXX
Live distribution◯ (in Sept)XX
Throwing money◯ (in Sept)XXX
A S P function◯ (in Sept)XX
Automatic translationXXX
Sending and receiving crypto currency◯ (in Sept)XXX
Email delivery◯ (in Aug)XXX
Delivery by tag◯ (in Aug)XXX
One-way delivery
A I response◯ (in Sept)XX


Price list

FreeBasicPro+ Option
Monthly priceFree$50 / month$200 / monthTBA
Post to timelineUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited-
Included sending message 1000 messages< 5,000 follower< 100,000 follower-
Rich messages -
Scenario delivery---


User voice

You can get TOUKU points free of charge just by reading the post or logging in every day, so I collect it and save it ✨ The reason is that I can exchange it for an Amazon gift certificate, so I am glad to spend money 😆


Male 23 years

I was originally using LINE @, but I was having a hard time managing the list because the rules for account burn were strict and the usage-based billing was high. .. But TOUKU doesn't have to worry about it at all, and its high-quality features are cheap and economical. Above all, I am educated with a rigorous list, and I can grow and work without anxiety!


Male 23 years

TOUKU is developing services focusing on user benefits, and it seems that live distribution and various functions will be updated in the future, so you can earn and enjoy with this one application. I wish I had known this communication app earlier (laughs)!


Male 23 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Content

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How to use TOUKU

■ Caller ■

1: Create your own channel
2: Invite people to your channel
3: Send information daily

4: Monetize your business

■ Recipient ■

1: Find the channel you need
2: Follow start
3: You can ask questions on DM if you do not understand
4: Earn money with affiliates
Register now and get all features completely free!
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